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Famous Quotes By Agatha Bird

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Feather's sake, you are so fucking annoying, I love you."
Warmth blossomed under Flit's skin, like a spark had been lit inside his heart and it had exploded in his chest, messy and wet and wonderful. "You love me?"
"It's that or indigestion," Talon replied gruffly. He peppered Flit's forehead and cheeks with kisses. — Agatha Bird

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I stabbed him," Flit said weakly, clutching at the tattered remains of Talon's shirt.
"With pens," Talon agreed.
"Is he dead?" Flit's eyes were huge, the pupils blown black, only a sliver of color showing around the edges. He was probably going into shock.
"I don't think so," Talon said. "It's pretty hard to die by pen. — Agatha Bird

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Talon thought kissing Flit to shut him up might be a good idea.
He was wrong.
It was a fucking great idea. — Agatha Bird

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Rudy draws his knees up and wraps his hands around his legs, laughing shakily against his thighs. This is not how he planned this, ever, but he can't stop the words bubbling up his throat. "Not gay? Dad, I'm a total nutcracker."
Mr Kringle takes a sharp breath as he looks down at Rudy. "What are you saying?"
He stands up. "That I am gayer than a rainbow Christmas tree. I'm gayer than a sugarplum fairy. Hell, I am a sugarplum fairy. — Agatha Bird

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Now, where were we?" he said. "Oh, yes. We were about to have some honest conversation. Roadkill, are you in love with Hawk?"
Roadkill sighed and asked plaintively, "Can't we just go back to prison? — Agatha Bird

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Love doesn't magically turn the bars of their cell into rainbow beams and float them out to freedom on a cloud of unicorns and puppies. — Agatha Bird

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Definitely not," Talon said. "If you screw up like that, you don't get another chance."
"But what if he really loves her and it was a mistake?"
"It wasn't," Talon said firmly. "He'd keep his cockadoodle in his pants if he loved her. He wouldn't hurt the person he loved. And she should leave his ass for her own good. — Agatha Bird

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I got a question for you, gonna come over here and kiss me with those pretty lips? — Agatha Bird

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Fun. It's this crazy thing where people smile and laugh and are generally pleased. I could have sworn I saw you smile at least once — Agatha Bird

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He'd stay if Talon wanted him to, if Talon asked. All Talon had to do was ask — Agatha Bird