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Kindergarten Cop Kid Quotes & Sayings

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Top Kindergarten Cop Kid Quotes

Kindergarten Cop Kid Quotes By Brad Pitt

When I was a little kid we moved to Tulsa, then to St. Louis and, by the time I was in kindergarten, we lived in Springfield, Missouri. There I basically grew up. — Brad Pitt

Kindergarten Cop Kid Quotes By Jean Craighead George

By the time I got to kindergarten, I was surprised to find out I was the only kid with a turkey vulture. — Jean Craighead George

Kindergarten Cop Kid Quotes By C. Everett Koop

If you have a kid who goes to kindergarten and doesn't know what a circle is, doesn't know what red and green are, and doesn't know what right and left are, by the time he learns those things, the rest of the class is far ahead of him. — C. Everett Koop

Kindergarten Cop Kid Quotes By Benjamin Carson

If I had a little kid in kindergarten somewhere, would feel much more comfortable if I knew on that campus there was a police officer or somebody who was trained with a weapon. I would feel more comfortable. — Benjamin Carson

Kindergarten Cop Kid Quotes By Ellen DeGeneres

I was coming home from kindergarten - well they told me it was kindergarten. I found out later I had been working in a factory for ten years. It's good for a kid to know how to make gloves. — Ellen DeGeneres

Kindergarten Cop Kid Quotes By Kendall Jenner

My first crush was this kid in kindergarten who told me he had tigers in his attic as well. — Kendall Jenner

Kindergarten Cop Kid Quotes By Keke Palmer

I was bullied a lot as a kid in school from kindergarten up to third grade. I know what it feels like to be left out and to want to be different - more so, to want to not be different and want to just fit in. — Keke Palmer

Kindergarten Cop Kid Quotes By Thomas Pynchon

The smartest kid Justin ever met, back in kindergarten, had told him to pretend his parents were characters in a television sitcom. 'Pretend there's a frame around 'em like the Tube, pretend they're a show you're watching. You can go into it if you want, or you can just watch and not go into it. — Thomas Pynchon

Kindergarten Cop Kid Quotes By Susie Bright

I'm like the kid in kindergarten; I really do send valentines to everyone. — Susie Bright

Kindergarten Cop Kid Quotes By Kat Kruger

On my first day of kindergarten, I bit a kid. Hard. In my defense, he deserved it. — Kat Kruger

Kindergarten Cop Kid Quotes By Kristan Higgins

I took piano lessons as a kid, and my daughter's played piano since before she started kindergarten, so classical piano is something I really love. — Kristan Higgins